Rotech Civil Engineering and construction is a structural and civil engineering aim of First Rotech Group. We have carried out various building and civil engineering contracts for government and private sectors concerns.

Our credibility in the area of performance relating to quality of works and timely completion of contract is second to none. We therefore places high premium on high quality finish and completion program. We have seasoned professionals in all areas of civil engineering construction to ensure that you get the best from our services delivery. Rotech Civil engineering and Construction is a specialist in Civil Engineering Works,Borehole drilling.Dam construction,Building and Construction,Road Designs and Construction,Electrical, Mechanical and Instrument Technology,Drainage/Erosion Control Works’,Water Supply and Borehole projects,Architectural Design

In the service sector we handle Consultancy services,General Supplies and Service Deliveries

In almost every conceivable type of venture, we have leading and prominent roles to prove our consistency in providing excellent jobs.We had acquired reputation in all these areas and applied the most excellent international standards to use in our entire projects regardless of size, factor that is largely responsible for our success as well as our decidedly bright prospects for the future.Further more, at Rotech , we are not only responsive and sympathetic to clients’ objection, but we are also flexible with regard to the form of contractual relationship entered with our clients.Our company is rapidly growing and we shall continue to develop our multi- skill service in response to changing global demands in the building of client’s satisfaction bridges. Our achievements are as a result of our employment of best brains in every area of our operations towards satisfying our customer yearnings and demands giving room to specification and optimum result.

Rotech is presentling handling many Millenium Development Goal project on borehole drilling in many states in Nigeria.